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*Celebrity Canada currently has openings for Interns only.

Reporters & Columnists Wanted NOW!

Do you have what it takes to become a reporter for Celebrity Canada? Can you write regular 1000 word articles and news items for the entertainment industry?

Celebrity Canada takes readers behind the scenes and into the worlds of their favorite Canadian movie set, stage and other prestige arenas. If you have the ability to create positive, passionate, compelling articles we'd like to have you join our team. We are looking for contributors to report on the achievement of notable Canadians and promote Canadianism. We donít much care about Hollywood movies or stars, but only if it has a Canadian connection.

In total there are 12 positions available, with the most productive contributors receiving possible fulltime paid position for their efforts. Further details will be announced.

Regular Columnists

Can you write a regular column? Would you like to build a regular readership, with people listening to your views and observations?

Celebrity Canada is looking for 6 regular columnists. We need opinions, views, and observations about everything concerning our lives. Contact us today with your ideas about a regular column, outlining what type of comments and content you envision will attract and entertain our readers.

All Celebrity Canada reporters and columnists will have their names in our main menu bar, so your regular readers can go straight to your articles. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to be considered for any of the positions available.

If you would like your work seen by thousands of potential readers and commissioning editors every week, then contact Celebrity Canada News Network NOW!

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